😃New Day, Week & Month! New every morning is Thy love! Standing on D promises of Christ my👑through eternal ages, let his praises ring, Glory in D highest, I will shout & 🎤Standing on D promises of God (SOTPOG). Standing on D promises that cannot fail, when D howling storms of doubt & fear assail, by D living Word of God I shall prevail, SOTPOG. Standing on D promises of Christ, D Lord, Bound to him eternally by love’s strong cord, Overcoming daily with D Spirit’s sword, SOTPOG. Standing on D promises I cannot fall, List’ning ev’ry moment to D Spirit’s call, Resting in my Savior as my all in all, SOTPOG🙏🏾& all these blessings shall come upon U & overtake U, because U obey the voice of the Lord Ur God: “Blessed shall U be in D city, & blessed shall you be in D country. “Blessed shall be D fruit of Ur body, D produce of Ur ground & D increase of Ur herds, D increase of your cattle & D offspring of Ur flocks. “Blessed shall be Ur basket & Ur kneading bowl. “Blessed shall U be when U come in, & blessed shall U be when you go out. No weapon formed against U shall prosper, & every tongue which rises against U in judgment U shall condemn. This is D heritage of D servants of D Lord, & their righteousness is from Me,” Says D Lord🙏🏾💕Oh, clap Ur hands, all U peoples! Shout to God with D voice of triumph! 4 D Lord Most High is awesome; He is a great👑over all D 🌍He will subdue D peoples under us, & D nations under our feet. He will choose our inheritance for us, D excellence of Jacob whom He loves. Selah God has gone up with a shout, D Lord with the sound of a trumpet.🎤praises to God, 🎤praises! Sing praises to our👑🎤praises! 4 God is D King of all D earth;🎤praises with understanding. God reigns over🎤nations; God sits on His holy throne. D princes of the people have gathered together, D people of D God of Abraham. 4 D shields of D🌍belong to God; He is greatly exalted💖💫https://youtu.be/lofNq0U2xk0#Beautiful #Faith #Jesus #Blessed #Joy #Peace #Christ #Grace #Hope #God #Truth #Lord #Love #Soul #Monday #November #New #Day #Week #Month #Stand #Promise #Spirit #Sing #Blessings #Thanksgiving #Thankful #Grateful #Happy #Happiness

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