I’ve got peace like a river, I’ve got✌🏾like a river, I’ve got✌🏾like a river in my soul. I’ve got❤️like an🌊I’ve got❤️like an 🌊I’ve got ❤️like an🌊in my soul. I’ve got🤩like a fountain, I’ve got🤩like a⛲️I’ve got🤩like a ⛲️in my soul. I’ve got✌🏾❤️& joy like a river, I’ve got✌🏾❤️&🤩like a river I’ve got❤️&🤩 like a river in my soul🙏🏾Great is D Lord, & greatly to be praised in D city of our God, in His holy🏔Beautiful in elevation, D🤩of D whole🌍is Mount Zion on D sides of D north, D city of D great👑God is in her palaces; He is known as her refuge. Be still, & know that I am God; I will be exalted among D nations, I will be exalted in D🌍! D Lord of hosts is with us; D God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah🙏🏾💕

But I saw no temple in it, 4 D Lord God Almighty & D Lamb are its temple. D city had no need of D sun or of D moon to shine in it, for D glory of God illuminated it. D Lamb is its light. & D nations of those who are saved shall walk in its light, & D kings of D🌍bring their glory & honour into it. Its gates shall not be shut at all by day (there shall be no night there). & they shall bring D glory & D honor of D nations into it. But there shall by no means enter it anything that defiles, or causes an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in D Lamb’s Book of Life. & he showed me a pure river of💦of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from D throne of God & of D Lamb. In D middle of its street, & on either side of D river, was D tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. D leaves of D tree were for D healing of D nations. & there shall be no more curse, but D throne of God and of D Lamb shall be in it, & His servants shall serve Him. They shall see His face, & His name shall be on their foreheads. There shall be no night there: They need no lamp nor light of D sun, 4 D Lord God gives them light. & they shall reign forever & ever💖💫

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